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What We Offer

My services are based upon the belief that YOUR healing begins wherever you are spiritually and physically.

As a result, although we offer traditional in office counseling, we also bring our services to via mobile counseling.

As a result of this unique way of helping the community, a high percentage of my clients are from word-of-mouth alone. I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and guide you through the healing process.


Talk therapy is an alternate name for the various forms of psychotherapy that emphasize the importance of the client speaking to the therapist as the main means of expressing and resolving issues.


It may surprise you to learn that art can be an effective tool in mental health treatment. What could art possibly have to do with talk therapy? As an expressive medium, art can be used to help clients communicate, overcome stress and explore different aspects of their own personality. It is based on the belief that the creative process involved in artistic self-expression helps people to resolve conflicts and problems, develop interperso​nal skills, manage behavior, reduce stress, increase self-esteem and self-awareness, and achieve insight.


Brains are shown to be different than the neurotypical brain. Parts of the brain that are responsible for higher reasoning are greatly enlarged due to excess white matter. Brain grows faster at a younger age with more inflammation. Left and right hemisphere poorly connected not working in concert with each other. Areas responsible for emotion and social behavior are enlarged contributing to higher levels of anxiety. Brain shows an enlarged memory center to rely upon interpreting situations where social and emotional are at a deficit. Sections responsible for physical coordination have excess white matter affecting motor planning and anticipating events.


Please contact us for further information if you are dealing with some form of abuse.


According to the Energy Psychology paradigm, painful physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms are the result of a disruption in the flow of life force energy (Chi or Qi) through the meridians that run throughout the body. When the disruption is cleared by gently tapping meridian acupressure points on the face, hands and upper body, symptoms are relieved and often disappear. Properly applied, EFT quickly realigns the energy meridians with respect to negative memories and disconnects the physical and/or emotional discomfort attached to them. Clients may quickly learn how to tap their meridian pressure points themselves for practice between sessions. The success rate for EFT is estimated at about 80%.


Hypnotherapy is a skilled verbal communication, used during hypnosis, which helps direct a client’s imagination in such a way as to bring about intended alterations in sensations, perceptions, feelings, thoughts and behaviour. In a typical hypnotherapy session, the hypnotherapist will ask the client questions about previous medical history, general health and lifestyle. The hypnotherapist and client will decide together on the changes or goals that are desired


LGBTQIA+ counseling can help with exploring your gender identity or expression; exploring your sexual orientation; thinking about coming out; identifying and managing depression, anxiety, or gender dysphoria; and dealing with discrimination or bullying.


Some studies suggest that meditation practiced on a regular basis is as effective as medication in alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression. Meditation is non-invasive, free, and has no side effects. During meditation, the brain produces an alpha wave pattern identical to that state of deep relaxation when one is falling asleep or awakening.


I bring to our meeting my abilities as both a counselor and a psychic medium. Being a psychic medium means that I have the ability to connect to a person or circumstance and quiet my normal senses so that the information received by the subtle senses is loud and clear. I can then literally dialogue with a person, place, event, issue, etc. on the psychic platform and receive information in a similar way to how we might dialogue with someone and get information. Being a natural empath I am able to use empathy to connect to a client for deep understanding and healing release, while using psychic abilities to help the client solve any problems. Mediums tend to channel complete personalities. A medium might be a channel for your deceased Aunt Suzy or the medium's own spiritual guide, This person is aware of the personality being channeled and is versed in the quirks that may come up in a session.


I offer individual psychotherapy services for patients at any stage of bariatric surgery.

I use my own personal success and experience as a 12+year Weight Loss Surgery patient.

Consultation, Sessions and Packages

We offer a complimentary session for our first-time clients to see if our services are a good fit for their needs.

Multi-Session Packages offer discounts to individuals, couples and families

who want to commit to therapy and need a more affordable way to do so. By

pre-paying for 5 or 10 sessions you receive a reduced session fee, lock in a

preferred time slot to be used by individuals, couples or other family members

while continuing to realize positive changes in your lives.

Consultation / Readings


$100 per hour

Consultation fee

Single Session


$50 for a single session

One-time sessions upon request

5 Session Package*


$225 For 5 sessions

$5 off a package of 5 sessions purchased in advance

10 Session Package*


$400 for 10 sessions

$10 off a package of 10 sessions purchased in advance

Military Family Discount


$40 for a single session

Discounted rate for members of the military and their family

Sliding Scale Discount


$35 for a single session

For those who are in certain financial situations, provided on a case by case basis

*All Multi-Session Packages must be paid before the first session.

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