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What our clients are saying

I have been working with Tina as in my individual session and couples session. I didn't know what to expect since this is the first time working with a Professional Therapist. What I found with working with Tina is a powerful tool and a different mindset on how to navigate through life's hurdles. Whether understanding external circumstances that life present to me and understanding myself on how to navigate my internal weather, Tina helped me how to navigate through all that. Tina is very professional and knowledgeable. What I noticed is she is open minded always learning and seeks new knowledge. I have had a great experience with her and recommended her to many of my friends.

Thank you Tina for all the work that you have done. I am forever changed.

ER, 35, CA, USA

I have been seeing Tina for years now. I have been to a number of therapists and this is the only time where I found that my needs were met, mind, body, and soul. Treating mental health without recognizing the soul connection is a fruitless endeavor. I have found, through the work with Mobile Counseling & Consultation Services, Inc, how to properly find coping mechanisms and new perspectives. Through this, I have found peace. The progress I have made in my mental health journey would not have been possible without the help and support of Tina. Any time I have the need, she is sure to see me in a timely fashion. She listens intently, and I always know that I will get back on track after seeing her. I am so grateful!

Christine, 38, NY, USA

Were I to choose a word to describe my experiences with Tina and Mobile Counseling I would have to say "humanity". The connection I've experienced has been warm and genuine and when introducing concerns from my life each one has been treated with respect and understanding. Our partnership in my mental health journey has been a light in dark times and has helped me in finding the confidence that I've been seeking for so many years on my own. I cannot recommend them enough if you or someone you know is seeking to begin their own journey towards whatever their goals may be.

ZCP, 31, AL, USA

I began meeting Tina through video calls at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. I frequented multiple therapists in my life—always in-person. I had tried virtual therapy purely through emails and chat but felt the experience lacked impact. The video calls with Tina over the past 2 years have definitely made a lasting impact. I feel better every day. My girlfriend has noticed a change for the better too. . She is dependable. She goes above and beyond by writing me outside of our scheduled sessions. I highly recommend Tina and I urge you to be patient in your journey and allow the process to play out with Tina. Sometimes it can be long (2 years and counting for me) but absolutely worth it.

NC, 34, CA, USA

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